Give a little something different at the next baby shower

Celebrating a new arrival with a soon-to-be mom is a wonderful tradition! The baby shower is a fun time to share the joy with the new mother and give advice, supplies and beautiful gifts to help the new family out. Parents with a slightly more alternative fashion and lifestyle aren't usually thrilled over many traditional newborn gifts. That is where we come in. We carry hundreds of clothing items and gift sets that specifically cater to the hipster and indie parents. Is the new mum covered in beautiful tattoos? Does her fashion have a classic rockabilly flair? Our designers have created many styles featuring tattoo inspired themes. Are the parents avid musicians that play in a band? Rock and roll themes are a staple here! Baby shower gifts

Baby clothes
Infant fashion is our business. We carry all the basics such as one pieces, rompers, t-shirts and dresses, but with a funky flair of punk rock attitude. Our designer baby clothes feature cool and unique graphics featuring alternative themes including tattoos, punk icons and funny sayings.

Baby and toddler tutus
When a new little girl is welcomed into the family, she can bring an immense level of joy to the lives of everyone she meets. It’s no wonder we all love to spoil new babies with all the most beautiful things imaginable. One really fun thing you can spoil you new precious baby girl with is a baby tutu. Baby tutus are so much fun because they turn your baby into a little princess ballerina. And with so many ways for a baby of any age to wear a tutu, it’s no wonder baby tutus are popping up all over the place!

Tattoo inspired baby clothes
Chances are if you are an alternative parent, you have at least one tattoo. Tattoos have played an important role in most of the alternative lifestyles, whether you are a punk, goth, or even urban; many parents and young adults choose to memorialize important parts in their lives through ink. For this reason, you may even wish to allow your child to wear a tattoo inspired one piece or t-shirt. Popular designs include Kanji, Asian, Japanese, Koi fish, tattoo lettering, sparrow, swallow, pirate, tribal and skull designs.

Hipster baby clothes
My Baby Rocks strives to keep up with new fashion trends as well as providing more alternative and subculture styles as well. Our line features many hipster themes including retro, ironic, indie, alternative, vintage and progressive inspired graphics. As new and younger generations are starting families it's creating a need for a shift in the once traditional baby clothing options. We love hearing from our customers to get input and ideas of what you'd love to see offered. Have an idea? Tell us! We would love to have you help shape our up and coming hipster infant apparel line.

Wholesale baby clothes

We now offer wholesale on our My Baby Rocks brand baby and toddler clothing, gifts, tutus and accessories. We accept wholesale orders through our manufacturer wholesale website My Baby Rocks. Wholesale accounts need to be approved prior to wholesale access. Minimum orders apply. To learn more about our wholesale product offering and to apply for a wholesale account for your business please see details on My Baby Rocks wholesale