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10 Halloween Outfits For Babies

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10 Halloween Outfits For Babies

Halloween. The most wonderfully spooky time of year! It's like Goth Christmas! It may be tempting to go out and buy an elaborate costume for your baby, but that may not be the best option for a couple of reasons:

  1. Comfort factor. Many costumes are made out of materials that baby may not be used to and may be uncomfortable. Costumes with hats, hoods, headbands, and other pieces may be irritating to baby's skin. 
  2. Cost. Costumes are expensive. When it is something you only wear once and then your baby will grow out of it before it gets another use, it seems a little unpractical. 

But that is no reason not to get baby in the Halloween spirit! Halloween fashion is our favorite kind of fashion! Instead of buying an over priced and uncomfortable synthetic fiber costume with too many accessories, buy something comfortable and 100% cotton than feels and wears just like the one pieces and rompers your baby is already used to and comfortable wearing. These items are machine washable and can be worn over and over again, not just on Halloween! Here are our favorite Halloween and costume themed outfits for babies and toddlers.

1. Vampire Pacifier

Bad ass? Yes! Still a functional pacifier your baby can use all year? Also YES! 

2. Skeleton One Piece

This skeleton rib cage one piece is an instant costume! Still cool even after October ends! Also available in romper form.

3.Cute Lil Devil One Piece

Perfect Halloween one piece! If your baby is cooperative, this would be cute paired with devil horn headband or beanie. 

4. Mummy Romper

Cute, comfy, and an instant baby Halloween costume! 

5. Batlings Sleeveless Dress

Depending on wear you live, a dress may not be the most practical Halloween outfit, but even if you live in cooler climates just throw on a pair of thicker black leggings and a sweater. 

6. Careful, I bite Vampire T-shirt

You've been warned! Goes perfectly with the vampire pacifier mentioned earlier!

7.  Zombie Bait One Piece

Yup, another one that works all year!

8. Frankenstein's Monster One Piece

Creepy and cute! Another instead costume that can be worn all month long!

9. Baby Bat Purple One Piece

Yup, my baby definitely wears this one all year. 

10. Ghostie Eyes Dress

Wear over white leggings or leg warmers to keep little legs warm. Or if you want something with long sleeves or for a boy, get it in romper version!

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