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Introducing Your Kids To Rock Music

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Introducing Your Kids To Rock Music

Band apparel

We all have that favorite band tee from a memorable rock concert. You know the one. It's been washed a hundred times, it's faded, it probably has a couple holes, but it is oh so comfortable and you will never throw it away. Not ever!

As parents we love to share the best music from our younger years with our young kids. Some of my favorite childhood memories are listening to awesome classic rock from the 60's and 70's with my Dad. It has helped shaped my taste in music to this day. Sure, bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles were a little before my time, but thanks to my Dad sharing these classics with me when i was a kid they are still staples in my music collection today. 

Whatever generation you grew up in and whichever genre of music is your preferred flavor, pass on all the nostalgic classics to your kids. Make a playlist of all the best (kid friendly, of course) songs for them to listen to and deck them out in a cool child sized band tee and teach them what rock is all about! 

If you are looking for cool licensed band merch for babies and toddlers, we have a ton available in some of the greatest bands. These also make great baby shower gifts the next time one of your friends or family members has a new baby!

Johnny Cash

Cash is one of those artists that is absolutely timeless. Throw on some "Boy Named Sue" or "One Piece at a Time" and grab one of these Johnny Cash one pieces or toddler tees to help your little ones get into the Johnny Cash spirit.

Johnny cash folsom prison onesie Johnny Cash one pieceCrawl the line johnny cash bodysuitJohnny cash toddler kids t-shirt

Bob Marley

Roots, Rock, Reggae! This Jamaican rasta classic is fun for people of all ages to enjoy. We have a huge selection of Bob Marley rompers and tops for infants and young kids.


Bob marley tie dye infant apparel Bob marley baby shower giftsBob Marley band merchandise for kidsBob Marley toddler licensed band merch


90's grunge and alternative rock was one of my favorite types of music in jr. high and high school. Nirvana one piece and t-shirts are now available for your mini-me!

Nirvana baby clothesNirvana grunge rock 90's baby clothes

The Beatles

"All you need is love!" Beatles is a great band that is kid friendly! These Beatles one piece, short sleeve tees, and accessories make great baby shower gifts for Beatles fans.


Beatles yellow submarine one piece Beatles newborn outfits Beatles classic rock onesie


For those with a little more of a punk rock style! Ramones one piece and t-shirts are an awesome way to introduce your kids to the punk way of life.

Ramones onesieRamones toddler kids shirt

Guns N Roses

One of the best things to come out of the 80's! Throw on some "Sweet Child O' Mine" with your kids. Grab one of these awesome GNR infant band tees to complete the experience.

Guns n Roses baby apparelGuns n roses toddler tees

Social Distortion

Social D made a regular appearance on of many of my jr. high mix tapes. "Story of My Life," "Ring of Fire," and "Mommy's Little Monster" are classics. Social Distortion baby and toddler t-shirts are a cool way to share this awesome band with your little one.

Social distortion toddler tee


Many mainstream parents may feel it inappropriate to introduce young babies and kids to heavy metal bands such as Metallica, but we are all for alternative parenting styles. You know best what your kids are going to enjoy. If you are a Metallica fan and want to share that with your tots we are all for it! Here is some awesome Metallica gear to dress up your babies.

Metallica rock one piece infantMetallica toddler clothingMetallica infant romper


Have a hardcore Misfits fan in your life expecting a baby? Misfits band one pieces and toddler tees make a perfect punk rock baby shower gift idea.

Misfits punk infant apparel


Some of my favorite concert memories are from the many times I saw Deftones play live. While a Deftones concert may not be the best place to bring your babies, Deftones one pieces and rompers are a cool way to share the band with your kids.

Deftones babies outfits  Deftones onesies

Avenged Sevenfold

Heavy metal babies need heavy metal apparel! Avenged Sevenfold one pieces and tees are the perfect way to dress up your badass babies.

Avenged sevenfold creeper one pieceAvenged sevenfold band merch babies

Green Day

Play some "Basket Case" or "Good Riddance" and check out this cool Green Day t-shirt for your baby or toddler.

Green Day toddler kids t-shirt

Pearl Jam

Another 90's favorite: Pearl Jam! This cool alternative one piece is babies who know how to rock.

Pearl jam grunge baby clothing

Blink 182

Relive the memories of youth spent listening to Blink 182 or rocking out at a Blink 182 show by playing your favorite songs for your kids. Add to the experience by getting them their very own Blink 182 one piece or tee.

Blink 182 punk one pieces

The Clash

From "London Calling" to "Should I Stay or Should I Go," English punk band The Clash is a classic. These cool Clash tees in toddler sizes are great for punk rock families!


The Clash punk rock toddler clothes The clash punk toddler t-shirts The Clash punk baby shirts

The Rolling Stones

Here's another English band, The Rolling Stones! These classic logo infant one pieces are a hit with fans.

The Rolling stones classic rock bodysuit babiesRolling stones baby shower gift


"For Those About To Rock!" Show your baby all the AC/DC classic hits and get them their very first AC/DC shirt.

AC/DC rock baby toddler apparel AC/DC baby band apparel


We carry Pantera infant and toddler clothing for your heavy metal half-pints! 


Pantera band merch for infants Metallica toddler band merch Pantera black one piece


For the babies that "Rock and Roll All Nite" Kiss t-shirts and one pieces are a great addition to your kid's rocker wardrobe.

Kiss toddler kids clothing Kiss baby clothes

Jimi Hendrix

Rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jimi Hendrix is a great way to introduce your children to the classics. 

Jimi Hendrix infant clothesJimi Hendrix experience onesie

Pink Floyd

Another classic that never goes out of style: Pink Floyd. With many kid-friendly songs, this is a perfect band to play around your little ones.

Pink floyd classic rock babies one pieces

Wu Tang Clan

This New York hip hop group may not be kids friendly by everyone's standards, but if it's your thing, we've got your babies covered!

Wu tang clan infant clothing Wu Tang Clan hip hop tee babies toddlers


For those with metal babies, gotta have a Slipknot one piece to show their badass musical tastes.

Slipknot romper

Bad Religion

Your kid will definitely be the most punk rock member of pre-school with this Bad Religion one piece.

Bad religion punk baby clothing


Alternative rock baby clothes for the non-traditional families!

Soundgarden grunge onesie

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another 80's and 90's favorite, funk rock band RHCP! Baby and toddler Red Hot Chili Peppers gear available at My Baby Rocks.

RHCP baby clothes

So what bands are you going to share with your kids? What bands did your parents introduce you to when you were younger?

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