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7 Tips For Dressing a Newborn Baby

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7 Tips For Dressing a Newborn Baby

Here are our favorite tips and tricks to make dressing your adorably squirmy little bundle of joy easier!

1. Prep clothing first to make dressing easier. Open all the snaps/zippers, stretch the neck opening wide, etc before trying to pull it over a babies head. This will make it easier to dress and minimize dressing times.

2. Before buying something, keep ease of dressing and safety in mind. Avoid clothing with too tight of neck openings. Are buttons and snaps easy to undo? Are there any ties or cords that could be an issue? 

3. Make sure all embellishments, buttons, ribbons, and other decorative items are secure. Remove or repair anything that is loose and could potentially be a choking hazard. 

4. Lay your child on the floor, bed, or changing table to make dressing easier.

5. Smile, coo, and talk sweetly to your baby and help them associate dressing time as a fond bonding experience

6. Layer clothing when going out to help keep baby warm/cool as temps change.

7. Always bring extra items in case of accident and pack a ziplock bag to keep dirty items from making a mess until you can get them home.


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