Pastel Goth: Our Favorites For Babies & Toddlers

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Pastel Goth: Our Favorites For Babies & Toddlers

While it may seem to be the opposite of the typical "Gothic" look, pastel goth is a new style trend that combines the creepy themes of the more dark gothic style with cutesy items and lighter pastel colors. At My Baby Rocks we've been mixing punk, grunge, and gothic designs with softer touches and pretty pastel colors before we even knew this style trend had a name. From bubblegum pink ruffle dresses adorn with skull & crossbones to bat wing embellished hair bows, we've been doing this for years! Here are some of our favorite pastel goth clothing and accessory items for babies and toddlers. 

Cameo Skull Lavender Ruffle Dress

An adorably awesome skull & crossbones ornate cameo design on a sweet and summery lavender sleeveless ruffle dress. A perfect warm weather outfit for your little pastel goth.

Check it out here

Girly Skull One Piece & Pink Tutu Set

A sweet pink bowed skull one piece pairs adorably with this pastel pink tutu making this a perfect pastel goth outfit for a baby girl. Makes an awesome baby shower gift!

Find it here

Lollipop Skull Hot Pink One Piece

A deliciously sweet treat! Cute candy skull for sugary lollipop crossbones makes this a fun baby girls outfit that still sticks with a gothic theme.

Find it here

Delightfully Dark Lavender Pastel Goth T-shirt

All of the most iconic Gothic elements all in one tee! This 100% cotton pastel purple top features all the spooky Halloween classics: coffin, black cat, bats, spider web, and skulls! What's not to love about this creepy cute shirt?!

Here it is!

Bubblegum Punk Princess Tutu

A pastel goth dream, this tutu embodies all the elements to feature a cool gothic punk look, while still maintaining a bit of femininity and sweetness in the pink tulle and plaid ribbon.

Available here

Love Skull Aqua & Pink One Piece

This pretty and punk skull one piece is perfect for a little goth girl in training! Pastel aqua pairs with a heart eyed skull for a cute (but still edgy!) outfit.

Get it here

Gothic Unicorn Hot Pink One Piece

The ultimate combo of cute and goth designs: Hot Pink Gothic Unicorn Skeleton! 

See it here

Skull & Stars Purple Ruffle Dress

A cute mix of skulls, stars, and pink & purple hues makes this a perfect pastel goth outfit for baby or toddler girls!

Available here


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