Pride Festival Outfits For Babies

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Pride Festival Outfits For Babies

I love my Mommies LGBTQ onesie

At My Baby Rocks we are big on equality. We are also big on dressing up, so the annual Pride Festival in our area is one of our favorite events to participate in each year. It is a fun way to show support for the people in our community as well as a time to put on our most colorful outfits and have fun and meet new friends! Here are some of our favorite Pride-worthy clothing items and accessories to dress your babies and toddlers up for the Pride festivities and parades.

Rainbow Tutu 

In sizes newborn up to size 8 in kids, this is an explosion of color suitable for babies and kids! Tulle tutu skirt features a stretchy elastic waistband and every magical color of the rainbow!

Love is Love Rainbow T-shirt

Show your support for your LGBTQ friends and community with this fun 100% cotton t-shirt.

Rainbow Leg Warmers

Add a little color to any outfit with these fun rainbow stripe baby & toddler leg warmers! Bonus pro tip: These can also double as arm warmers for older kids and adults! (I know, because i myself wore them to the Pride Parade last year!)

I Love My Daddies/Mommies T-Shirt

The perfect shirt for LGBTQ families! 

I love my Daddies LGBTQ pride baby tee

Love Is Love T-shirt, Tutu & Leg Warmer Set

Make things easy and just go for the whole outfit! 

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