Retro Style Baby Clothes & Gifts

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Retro Style Baby Clothes & Gifts

Not all of us connect with modern fashion trends. Some of us prefer the classic styles, colors, and vibe of the fashions from the past. Retro and vintage baby and toddler apparel is a great way to give your kids a unique fashion style. For some of us, we are nostalgic of our youth and love to incorporate our favorite memories into our current fashion. Others are enchanted with styles from decades before their time. Whether your style includes things from the 80's and 90's when you grew up, or goes farther back to the 60's and 70's and beyond, My Baby Rocks has an extensive collection of retro and vintage inspired designs for infants and toddlers. 

Here are our favorite retro style inspired baby apparel items:

Mermaid Tattoo Lavender Dress

A cool retro rockabilly pin up style design on a cute pastel purple tank top summer dress is a fun retro design for a baby girl. Makes an awesome baby shower gift for a tattoo or rockabilly fan.

Mermaid tattoo rockabilly baby dress


More info here

Sailor Navy Blue One Piece

A cool retro nautical outfit that is adorable for both boys and girls. For little girls, add a red tutu for a darling photo shoot outfit or Halloween costume with a vintage style.

Available here

Hippie Van Baby & Toddler Tee

This cool kelly green t-shirt features an iconic VW bus. Awesome retro hippie style makes a fun summer outfit.

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Boombox White One Piece

A classic 80's throwback! This white one piece features a retro boombox print and is perfect for both boys and girls. 

Find yours here

Retro Anchor & Roses Black Sleeveless Dress

This cool classic tattoo inspired baby & toddler tank top ruffle dress features anchor, sparrows, and roses rockabilly design.

Dress available here

Awesomely 80's One Piece

This cool one piece is a fun collage of nostalgic 80's icons. Share the highlights of your 80's upbringing with your baby with all the classics including skateboards, mix tapes, boomboxes and rubiks cubes!


Available here

Gramophone Gray One Piece

This cool one piece features antique gramophone record player artwork and is a cool way to celebrate music of the past in a unique water color artistic style. This gender neutral onesie is perfect for both boys and girls!

Details here

Cassettes White One Piece

As technology has evolved, we have moved on from the mix tapes of the 80's on to mp3 players and streaming playlists on our smartphones, but let's not forget where we started. This fun cassette tape one piece is a tribute to all those mix tapes we spent hours making back in the day.

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Rainbow Girl Tutu 

The 80's babies will recognize this colorful costume tutu inspired by Rainbow Brite. Pair this royal blue and rainbow waistband tutu with a blue top and rainbow leg warmers for a fun 80's Halloween costume.

Tutu found here

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