Rockabilly Baby Style

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Rockabilly Baby Style

Rockabilly music, fashion, and culture brought a lot of change to the scene in the 50’s, and it took the world by storm! These days rockabilly fashion is still worn and loved by many. For those of you that love rockabilly music and the edgy style of clothing that comes with it, here are some ideas for dressing your little one in rockabilly inspired baby clothes & accessories to help keep this unique style alive and pass it on to the next generation. 

Cherry Skull Red Baby & Toddler Dress

Rockabilly Basics

Start with the basics; one pieces and tees are a necessity for every baby’s rockabilly wardrobe. Finding one pieces in black and solid dark colors is a good idea if you plan on making a perfect rockabilly outfit. Also find fun rockabilly inspired patterns such as leopard print, red plaid, cherries, and polka dots. A lot of online baby apparel stores offer one pieces that have cool retro rockabilly inspired graphics or patterns and also sell accessories to complete the outfit. Another popular type of design to look for is a tattoo art inspired one pieces and graphic t-shirts. Classic retro tattoos are a big part of the revived rockabilly style. A cool anchor print top is a perfect example. Another common rockabilly theme is vintage horror themed clothing – think zombies and monsters.

Rock N Roll Zombie One Piece

Accessories Are Key!

Don't forget to accessorize! Completing the look with a dark or leather jacket is a great way to pull off the greaser look that was so popular back in the 50’s. For baby and toddler girls, find a bold polka dot or cherry print dresses and pair with cute stockings. Find a pretty scarf or leopard print belt that you can put around the waist of a skirt to complete the vintage look.

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison One Piece

Don't Forget The Hair

No rockabilly baby ensemble is complete without a stylish rockabilly hair do! Slick your little boy’s hair back in a classic Johnny Cash “Folsom” style, or if his hair is long enough you can style it in a pompadour. Baby girls’ hair can be accessorized with clips, headbands, or scarves. 

Leopard Girly Skull Red Infant & Toddler Tee

Carry On The Rockabilly Tradition

Dressing your mini-me up in classic rockabilly fashion is a fun way to share  your rockabilly lifestyle with your kids. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with some of the outfits you come up with. That is part of the fun with rockabilly fashion! Creativity and expression is key! Enjoy what you love and share that love with your baby, you will love the memories you make together. Get your family all dressed up in rockabilly attire and check out a local car show or see a rockabilly band and a family-friendly music festival. Oh, and don't forget to take photos of your little rockabilly tot!

Retro Anchor Black One Piece


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