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Caring for your My Baby Rocks tutu: To prevent wrinkling, always hang up tutu or carefully store it when not in use.  Spot clean only. To control static cling, run a dryer sheet over the tutu. How to fix a wrinkled tutu  If not cared for properly, tutus can easily become wrinkled. Even if they are stored properly, sometimes they can still need a little smoothing and fluffing before wear. Even tutus in real bad shape can often come back from the dead with a little love and some tutu smoothing spray. Luckily, this tutu smoothing spray can be made easily and you probably already have all the ingredients needed at home.   And a wrecked, sad, smashed, droopy tutu (or even just one in need of a little pick-me-up)   Making the tutu smoothing mixture: Add 1/4 cup fabric softener to the spray bottle  Add 1 cup water to the spray bottle ...

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Tutus aren't just for ballerinas anymore! If you branch out from the traditional pastel pinks there is a whole world of options for those of us with more alternative tastes. Shake things up with black, purple, red, or neon green tutus. Or go for multi colored tutus with cool punk embellishments and ribbons. Here are some of our favorite tutus for your bad ass baby girls.  Black Infant & Toddler Tutu A simple black tutu is an easy and awesome way to dress up a punk rock or gothic outfit. Available in baby, toddler, and kids sizes. Get yours here Punk Princess Pink & Black Plaid Skull Tutu  The coolest tutu for your little punk rock princess! Features hot pink and black tulle, plaid waistband, and awesome skull embellishments. Also available in red, turquoise, and purple. Get yours here Purple Tutu This awesome purple tutu with satin waistband is perfect for...

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