Throwing A Punk Rock Themed Birthday Party

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Throwing A Punk Rock Themed Birthday Party

Punk birthday partySeeing your baby learn and grow is an amazing experience that makes all the
trials of parenting worth it. Celebrating your baby or toddler’s birthday is a fun and special time for you and your child, as well as friends and family. For the early birthdays such as the 1st and 2nd birthday, your baby is too young to pick the party theme themselves, so these are the years parents still get to have all the creative control over the party!  While you can chose one of the common child birthday party themes such as jungle, super hero, princess, etc. But for family's with a little more alternative style there are plenty of fun themes to chose from.

We at My Baby Rocks believe that families that rock together stay together, so a punk rock themed birthday party is one of our all-time favorite go-to birthday party themes for kids! If you are planning on throwing a punk or rock and roll themed b-day party, here are some of our favorite ideas and recommendations for rocker appropriate decorations, party favors, snacks, food, games, and party entertainment.

Rockstar Party Decorations

Decorate the place in punk rock appropriate colors such as black, red, hot pink, blue, purple, or silver. You can make custom invitations that look like classic punk or rock band concert tickets or VIP backstage passes. It may also be fun to make personalized mix CDs with all your family's favorite punk rock bands to send out as invitations to help get your guests pumped up for the event. Decorate using classic punk or rock band posters or stickers. Place guitars, microphones, and other rock instruments or memorabilia around the room or on the tables as center pieces. Use guitar picks in different colors to top cupcakes. Get creative with your punk rock ideas! Don't be afraid to get a little crafty with DIY projects.

Punk Rock Party Favors & Gifts 

Now that you’ve got the idea of how to decorate for a punk rock birthday, here are some ideas for party favors and gifts. Make cool grab bags for your friends and family with rock themed gifts, personalize each one to celebrate your baby as the rock star of the party. Include things like punk rock pins or patches, customized CDs, and other punk DIY things. If you need ideas for what to get the guest of honor, you will want to look into finding some punk rock appropriate outfits. Here are some of our favorite gift suggestions.

And of course the music! 

You can't have a punk themed birthday party without a killer soundtrack. Make a cool playlist with songs from all your favorite punk and rock artists. Be sure to consider your audience. If there will be a lot of kids present be sure to pick songs that will not offend parents. 

Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures!


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