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Throwing A Rock & Roll Themed Baby Shower

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Throwing A Rock & Roll Themed Baby Shower

Baby showers are a fun way to bring friends and family together to help celebrate the new mom and the baby on the way. Picking a unique theme helps incorporate the mom-to-be's personality and interests to make the event more customized. A rock & roll themed baby shower is a great way to celebrate new parents who truly appreciate good music.

Baby shower invitations that rock!

Find a clever way to announce the baby shower to guests. Making invitations that look like concert tickets, VIP backstage passes, or rock posters are a fun idea.

Rock baby shower invitations

Picking the baby shower venue

First things first, you will want to decide on a venue for the event. Get an approximate count of the number of guests who will be expected to attend to know what size of venue will suite the event best. If you have a large group look into renting a conference room in a hotel or even a room in a local venue that has a live rock band playing. If the group is small you can host the party at your home, or the home of one of your friends. If the weather is nice, you can plan the event at a local park or in the back yard. (Pro tip: Have an emergency back up location if the weather changes suddenly!) These days some people are planning co-ed baby showers. Why should the girls have all the fun? Dad and his friends like to celebrate the new baby too!

Color scheme and decor

Next you will want to choose a color scheme. With a rockstar theme, you don't have to stick with traditional pastel pinks and blues. Red, purple, silver, black, royal blue, and hot pink are all totally acceptable color schemes for both boys and girls. Is there a favorite rock band of the new couple? Try using the band logo as inspiration for color scheme. You can find some cool old vinyl records for fairly cheap at a yard sale or local thrift store to use as wall decorations or place holders for your guests, or even hang them from the ceiling with string. Cover the tables with table cloths in you color of choice and add contrasting decorations and center pieces. You can find mini guitars and other rock instruments at many party stores or online that can be used as table toppers, or if you or a friend play instruments you may can display those around the party.

Check out these cool printable record plates!

Vinyl record plates

Don't forget the food!

Make sure you have plenty of snacks, treats, and finger food available, especially for the mom to be! You can get a custom cake or cupcakes with rockstar decorations for an awesome desert. Make cool guitar pick shaped cookies. 

Rock baby shower cookies

Baby shower games & activities

If you like, you can plan some fun baby shower games or activities to have a little fun. Many popular games include things like Pin the Baby on the Mommy, Don't Say Baby, Baby Shower Bingo, etc. You can even take a classic baby shower game and put a rock spin on it. Other activities include decorating onesies, frosting cupcakes, or writing encouraging notes for the mom-to-be.

Entertainment that rocks!

Now for the entertainment! You will want to have some fun activities that everyone can participate in including the expecting mother. If you or a friend are a musician or in a band, live music is always a fun experience. If not, karaoke is always a party favorite, and adds to the rock and roll feel of the baby shower. Make a fun classic rock playlist to play in the background.

Rockstar baby shower favors

 A baby shower favor is a fun little way to show your appreciation to all the guests who came and offer a little souvenir for them to take home and remember the event. Some fun rock themed baby shower favors include: 

  • Have guitar pics custom printed with baby's name, expected due date, or even just say "Baby _____ (family last name)"
  • Make a mix CD with all the parents' favorite songs
  • Pop Rocks or Rock Candy make a sweet baby shower favor

Rock baby shower gifts

Baby showers are all about spoiling the baby, so find some great rock n roll gifts for the little one. Rock, guitar, and drum theme clothing, accessories, etc are a great option. And why not find a cool tee with the parents' favorite band logo on it! 

Don't forget to take pictures!

A lot of planning goes into a rockstar baby shower, but the outcome will be one to remember for ages! Make sure you have the red carpets rolled out and your paparazzi ready to capture some great photos for the future rockstar! Make sure you share the photos with the mom.

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