Top 10 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Top 10 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

These days many parents are waiting to reveal the biological sex of their baby. Many enjoy the surprise of waiting until the child is born. Other parents are choosing to go with more neutral baby clothing items and nursery decor to avoid pushing common gender associated colors and themes on a child until they are old enough to decide for themselves what they actually prefer. If you are shopping for a baby shower where the sex of the baby has not been announced or the parents have requested more neutral items, don't just go straight for yellow and green pastel items. There are plenty of unique and fun baby gifts that can be perfect for all babies! Here are our favorite gender neutral baby shower gift suggestions.

10. Submarine Aqua T-shirt  

This cool aqua submarine tee is a hit for both boys and girls! Makes a great gender neutral gift!

9. Panda Green One Piece

We love animal themes that aren't too cutesy. This fun green panda one piece is a perfect gender neutral gift.

8. Roots One Piece

We love items that incorporate themes from nature. This Roots one piece is no exception! Works great for both boy and girl babies. 

7. Black Baby Leggings

These awesome unisex baby leggings are high quality, stretchy, and versatile! You can never have too many leggings! 

6. Yellow Boombox T-shirt

Rock isn't gender exclusive! This cool retro boombox t-shirt is a perfect neutral baby shower gifts for parents who can appreciate this nostalgic tee.

5. Monkey Crossbones Aqua One Piece

This monkey one piece is another cute (but not too cutesy) animal outfit that we love! Makes a great baby shower gift for any adorable little monkey!

4. Black Signature Hoodie

This awesome convertible hoodie features a removable hood to switch from hoodie to jacket in a snap! This hooded sweatshirt is unisex and a great wardrobe staple for any baby! Bonus feature: thumb holes! Available in a variety of colors. 

3. Anchor Black One Piece

Nautical themes are versatile and never seem to go out of style! This awesome black cotton one piece features a retro anchor design.

2. Robot One Piece

The Robot One Piece has been a fan favorite for years and for good reason! It's got a cuteness and coolness factor that is loved by both boys and girls.

1. Black One Piece 3 Set

Thing about your own wardrobe - how many times to you opt for a basic black item? You really can't go wrong with a set of basic black one pieces for boys or girls!

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