Big brother big sister t-shirts

While there is nothing quite like a parent and child relationship, a sibling’s friendship can outlast the years. Some parents choose to dress their children in completely opposite clothing, or some may choose identical clothing. However, have you considered dressing your child in coinciding clothing such as : big brother and big sister t-shirts, along with little brother and little sister t-shirts as well. These not only will help show passers by your children’s love for one another, but will shout out-loud that you love that your children are siblings.

Some of these t-shirts can be as simple as a solid t-shirt that says “little” or “big”, however some can become rather flashy. One of the most important things to do, is to purchase these shirts at the same time as one another; so that you can make sure they are a perfect fit for one another. If you are expecting a new addition to your family, you may want to consider purchasing the outfits for a later time; so you are able to get a little more use out of them. The best time to find the perfect shirts, is when the youngest sibling is around 6 months or older; which will allow you to have a little more time of use before your children grow out of them.

Below I have compiled a few of the many sayings, or descriptions of prints that I have compiled; to help aid you in your decision of which is perfect for your children. However, remember that you aren’t limited to this small selection; as there are many more for you to choose from. However, I have also included a few pre-sibling choices you have as well; that will help to involve your child in the pregnancy.

  •  Little sister, Big brother t-shirts that show brightly colored stick figure boy and girl.
  •  Little brother, Big sister t-shirts that are the exact reverse of the above; however still portray the same stick figures.
  •  Soon to be a big sister. This adorable one piece or t-shirt option shows bold pink print with flowers scattered about.
  • Soon to be a big brother. Once more the counterpart of the one prior, however this one has bold navy blue print and frogs hopping around.
  • I'm the big brother (Similar to those above, however are available only in t-shirts).
  •  I’m the big sister (same as above)
  • W.G.B.S (worlds greatest big sister)
  • W.G.L.S (worlds greatest little sister)
  • W.G.L.B ( worlds greatest little brother)
  • W.G.B.B ( worlds greatest big brother)
  • Big sister of .... twins!
  • Big brother of...twins!