Diaper bags with funky attitude

So, you like many other new moms are now toting not only your normal load of your purse, cell phone, credit cards, and makeup. Oh, no once you become a mom you begin to resemble a pack mule, in many facets of life. To keep ourselves prepared we must now add the dreaded brightly colored, over stuffed diaper bag. However, there is hope for the weary arms of a mother (or a father).

Many companies are now finally getting the point, that most parents don’t want to lug a bag along with their purse that screams “ I hold diapers, and other baby goods”.Instead, most are beginning to produce reasonably priced designer diaper bags. Most of which can be used as double-duty as a purse and a diaper bag without becoming too obvious.

You may be thinking like many other parents, that it will be too expensive to procure a designer diaper bag. However, its quite the opposite nearly every retailer offers a unique, or stylish bag that will help keep the baby-lugging woes from your mind. Generally , they retail anywhere from fifteen, to fifty dollars for the more affordable style. However, if cost isn’t a factor in your life, there are many other high-end designers that offer diaper bags, such as Prada, and Gucci offering diaper bags anywhere from two hundred dollars, to thousands.

Are you looking for something to match your alternative style a bit more? Giving a new life to a black, or even a brightly colored diaper bag is fairly easy. As you might already know, those spikes or studs adorning your skirt, or favorite purse can be purchased on their own. However, it does take a little bit of creativity, and know-how to get those studs on a diaper bag’s thick fabric walls. Generally, I would suggest that you punch a few guide holes prior to placing the spikes. However, if you have the right screw driver it may work as well. Just keep ind mind, that if you intend to push or to drive the screw-end of the spike into the fabric to expect some tearing, and fraying of the fabric. While studs, on the other hand offer a bit more ease of application simply pushing the stud’s sharp ends into the fabric, and then folding them in on themselves to create tension is all that is required. Spikes can be re-used, while studs cannot, as the bend in the metal tends to compromise the structural integrity of the stud.

You aren’t limited by just studs, quite a few sites and stores such as Hot topic offer a range of patches. However, you may need to hop online to find baby-friendly patches such as “Breast milk vampire” or “Baby on board” if you feel the need to announce that this still, is indeed a diaper bag. Lastly, Just remember as with anything you should simply find a diaper bag that fits your needs, and your style. Allowing for ease of use, and can be a multi-tasking facet in your daily life.