Emo baby clothing and fashion

When dressing your child in the emo fashion, it is important to remember that, it is just like any other style or fashion culture. The term “emo” is a term that is loosely associated with an “emotionally charged” punk rocker. However, it was suppose to originally mean “emotionally hardcore”. Emo music is can still be traced back to this original meaning, as most emos tend to enjoy music in the underground, or indie music.

The first step in understanding the emo style, is by supporting the music. Generally, emo is a rock music genre. It mostly consists of screaming, rather than your typical singing. Typically, the emo scene was underground up until recent times, when the trends became more mainstream. While most people may construe emo music as whiney, or sensitive it isn’t necessarily true in all instances. Some of the more popular bands would consist of : Hawthorne Heights, From first to last, and Death cab for cutie. You will need to also make sure to understand the local scene, that of course will depend on your home city or town. If you are able to find a local band feel free to show your support by dressing baby, in the band’s logo tees.

Generally speaking, the emo fashion has roots that are planted deep within the punk, and goth scenes. To dress baby properly, you may need to get creative in locating clothing that will fit baby. Things from pencil tight jeans, tight shirts with emo band logos, studded belts, all the way to an old worn down pair of Converse, DC’s, or Van’s to sport on those tiny feet. Remember, it isn’t appropriate to dress your little emo in all of the fads. Such as safety pins on the tight jeans, as this can pose a hazard to your child. If you can find them , thick ribbed glasses are also another related trend. If you are looking for emo-style patterns I would suggest stripes, and checkered patterns. Now, about that pallet. Generally speaking, most emos gravitate toward the darker colors, with a splash of neon colors thrown in. However, with an infant any color will do, as no emo will tease an infant for wearing pastel blue, or pinks.

Now, your infant may not be able to envelop themselves into the culture. Things such as dying your infants hair should be avoided, as the chemicals can pose a risk. If you are dead set on letting your little one sport a vividly colored head of hair, I could suggest trying kool aid depending on the age of your child. Anything that may contain chemicals, or toxins should be passed by your physician before being used.