Hip hop fashion for kids

We’ve all seen them, the flashy music video with hip hop stars; clad in over sized and baggy clothing. This fashion trend has become increasingly popular within the last couple of years, which has leant itself well to an infant or toddler fashion. As with any other trend, it usually starts in the adult work and begins to trickle down to the younger aged fashion forward child. However, it is still fairly uncommon for people to dress their children with these saggy bottom pants; and sassy tee’s. Although some people may state otherwise, this fashion can lend itself well to a person of nearly any age; whether they be twenty or two years old, most people have the body meant to pull off this fashion forward baggy style.

My only caution would be to keep your child dressed sensibly, steer clear of any gang affiliated clothing, or clothing that may sport a classification of trashy. It not only reflects poorly upon you as a parent, but on your child as well. Although this may restrict you somewhat, it will create a positive fashion trend for your child to wear. This fashion focuses mainly upon comfort over sheer aesthetics, which lends itself extremely well to what a child’s fashion should be. Not only should it be comfortable for your child to wear, but the clothing should also be durable. It may be fairly difficult to find an outfit that not only fits the hip hop mentality, but has a durable and long life expectancy. This is usually when I would suggest taking your shopping online, as many retailers either have a high price point for quality clothing; or have a reasonably priced outfit that can be expected to last for a mere month or two.

Once you have obtained an adorable hip hop theme outfit, it is now time to accessories your child’s outfit. Things such as wide brimmed, or over sized sunglasses is an “in” trend with the hip hop scene. This not only serves the purpose of keeping your child in style, but protects those beautiful blues, browns, or lovely shade of green’s from the harmful rays of the sun. But why stop there? There are a plethora of items that can help your child accessories their style, such as a fedora hat or baseball cap, and fashion forward pair of sneakers. The sky is truly the limit with the hip hop fashion, much like any other fashion there is; the only limitation you may have in creating that perfect look, would be your own imagination as well as your creativity. Another fun way to get your child involved in their day to day look, is allowing them to choose their outfit. This not only is an amazing way to boost your child’s self confidence, but is quite easy to do with the hip hop fashion. But remember, the most important part with any fashion is to have fun and enjoy the way you, and your family looks and feels in their clothing.