How to host a gothic themed baby shower

So, your friend, sister, or even your daughter is pregnant she is gothic, and you want to know how to throw a shower she will love? Well, although even your average baby shower takes work, unless you understand the subculture of Gothic society you may find yourself stumped at how to throw a party that even the darkest of goth’s would adore. However, your in for a big surprise! Generally, almost any baby shower idea will work but deciding on the colors, and themes of the shower may be what is getting you. Below I will go over a few common topics to help you throw that baby shower with a little goth flair.

1. Who should host the shower?

Well, generally showers were given by non relatives of the expecting mother. However, in this day and age anything goes, often times allowing for more than one host (men at a shower? Yes.. It is still taboo but myself, as well as many gothic women have a majority of males that are friends.. Its not as important to keep that gender barrier up) or hostesses to take on the responsibilities of throwing the shower to defray costs.

2.What are the responsibilities of a host or hostess?

The main responsibility of the host/hostess is to create an event that the expecting mother will enjoy and be comfortable with. This will of course include keeping the mother in the loop of things, allowing her to have a little creative licence (unless of course it is a surprise). This list is a fairly long one , such as who should attend, the date of the shower, the theme (in this case goth), whether or not games would be played, food, and how long the party should run. The host/hostess should also make sure that this party runs smoothly, allowing the mother-to-be some relaxation, and time to enjoy her day.

One of the more important parts of including the mother, would be the selection of guests. Nothing is worse than someone whom isn’t on the “good” list of the mother showing up to ruin her special day.

3. When should I hold the baby shower?

Traditionally, a shower should be held one to two months prior to the due date of the child. This allows the expecting parents time to become prepared with the items that they did not receive during the baby shower. It also reduces the risk of labor during the baby shower, which is always appreciated. However, it isn’t completely unheard of to throw the party after the bundle of joy has already arrived, thus turning the mothers day into a day for the beaming new life.

4. Should my shower be co-ed?

Again, it is truly up to the mother. If this is a surprise, it would be good to clear it with a close relative or the father of the child prior to making this decision. In a lot of cases a gothic expecting mother will have more friends in the male gender, than the female thus making it almost necessary to invite men along. This in turn will create a little more difficulty in planning games for the shower, however it does allow for a more relaxed and subdued party.

5. Do you really need to have a theme?

No, you don’t REALLY need a theme to the party. However, they have become increasingly popular, and allow you compose a party that will be special to the expecting mother. It also helps customize invitations, thank you cards, and party favors, centerpieces, and possibly coordinated guest outfits. A few ideas for each of these items have been listed below.

-Invitations: There are several ways to get a gothic feel through an invitation, ranging from simple to the ornate. One means to create a simple invitation is to get a stack of black construction paper, and tear them into like-sizes , and then to print your invitation on a lighter hue of tissue paper or rice paper (IE: lavender, light blue, red) and tacking the two together with scrap booking buttons. A more ornate design can be made by using scrap-booking tattoos to apply a bit of flair to the invitations and the envelopes (and if you are truly talented, an original painted design would work as well)

Thank you cards: The cards should follow similar structures of the invitations. Allowing you to carry the theme throughout the party from beginning to end.

Party favors: There are numerous things that you could purchase for a party favor for a gothic theme. One of the best means I have found to create unique and laugh inducing party favors is as follows: Purchase a couple packs of cloth diapers (depending on how many guests you are anticipating after RSVP) lay out small items such as “baby bottle pops”, giant diaper pins, gothic pens or pencils that may be purchased at retail stores such as Hot topic or online, spider rings (if being thrown near October) and any other items you may think will gain a chuckle from your guests throats. You will then of course wrap them up as if in a diaper, and secure with the giant safety pins, and decorate with a beautiful black, crimson, or dark purple ribbon.

Centerpiece: This of course will require that you be set at a table somewhere. A beautiful means of creating a one-of a kind centerpiece is to do a flower arrangement. Most retailers will sell black, and crimson roses. You can also throw in a pop of color , such as with white daisies, or lavender roses. Another way to add a little sparkle to your centerpiece, is to dust it with glitter dust, along with adding baby-related charms to your rosebuds by tying them with a ribbon.

Coordinating your guests outfits: How in the heck do you do that? You might think, well easy, request that your guests dress in their best outfits, bondage (if that is your theme), or a glam goth outfit to help create an entertaining atmosphere for the mother.

6. Where should it be held?

Well, generally the hosts home is the place it is held. However it is not uncommon to have the party thrown at a close friend’s, relative’s home, restaurants, parks or day spas. The sky is the limit with the placement of your party.