Pirate baby clothes

Though no one could have possibly seen it coming, it appears as if this has become the millennium of the pirate! The pirate scene has become more popular in the last three years mostly due to the debut of the major motion picture, Pirates of the Caribbean. This multi-million dollar blockbuster brought back the fascination and fixation with flying Dutchmen flags (skull and crossbones), braided hair, pirate ships, eye patches, and inevitably, the cutlass.

With this new wave of old world trends, the youth seem to be the most fascinated. However, the teens are not the only one who has been targeted with the new styles and fashions that come with the pirate scene. Many major clothing manufacturers have begun to focus on the smaller children, going so far as to design toddler and baby clothing with a pirate slant to it.

Can you imagine how cute your child would be with a bandana around his forehead, a loose sleeve shirt, and a leather vest? Beyond that, how much attention would your child garner dressed in this manner? People would be falling all over each other to simply get a look.

Do not let the teen gothic crowd steal all the pirate attention. Claim a little bit of it for your own child. While you are at it, set up a good photo session with a professional photographer. Your baby dressed in pirate clothes is most definitely a memory that you will want to hold for the rest of your life.