Political humor baby clothes

During the political debates and the looming elections of presidency, it has become increasingly popular for adults or older children to wear political humor related clothing. However, that isn’t to say that the little ones are excluded. It is quite the contrary, as many retailers are now offering political baby One pieces, snap suits, t-shirts, and even accessories. Aren’t sure which candidate that you are rooting for? That is fine, as most of the political infant and toddler clothes aren’t necessarily pointed toward any one candidate; and instead poke fun at the political side of things.

There are many sayings and prints available for you to select from, however it may be somewhat limited at your local retailer. For this reason I would suggest taking your search online, as with any other alternative clothing for infants and toddlers; as this will enable you to search more efficiently and open up more doors of options. Some of my favorite political humor One pieces that I am sure you may get a kick out of are:

* All I want is Whirled Peas
* Girl power today, Political power tomorrow.
* My daddy’s a democrat, but I still love him.
* My daddy’s a republican, but I still love him.
* My mommy’s a liberal, but I still love her.
* Made in the USA.
* Stop Wars (in the star war’s font)
* Weepublican in training.
* Pacifist (With a picture of a pacifier)
* I need a change “Obama ‘08"
* President poopyhead (George bush’s photo)
* I already know more than the president.
* Future Activist.
* Question Authority.
* Another dissatisfied customer, of the United States of America.
* Emma Goldman, original anarchist.

Of course that is just a handful of political humor One pieces and t-shirts for infants and toddlers, however the sky is truly the limit. While most parents dress their children in these clothes for jest, it is important to not become too vulgar on an infant’s clothing. Remember, it is alright for an adult to express a blatant disregard for authority; however a child still needs structure within the home to thrive, and anything that is placed upon your child’s body is a direct reflection of your parenting style. There is nothing wrong with alternative parenting, as I myself am among the many alternative mothers out there; however I do make it a note to make sure my daughter’s clothing is not vulgar, while expressing difference.

If you are not able to find a political humor one piece, t-shirt, or any accessories that suit your fancy. You may wish to create your own by obtaining a political patch that is either iron on , or sew on. This will enable you to insure that you will receive a unique and original outfit for your child to wear, and enjoy.