Pop culture baby clothes and gifts

A child is born without a personality. The personality begins to develop soon afterward. You can see this via the child's temperament, how he or she reacts to others, and several other minor social actions and reactions. One major misconception is that the average child is on a “set road.” That he or she will develop the same personality regardless of the interaction of the parent. This could not be further from the truth. You, as the parent, are the initial source of your child's baby’s personality. What you do today, how you teach them and what environment you place them in, will be the ultimate result of what they become.

This is true in every aspect of a child's life. Let’s take you for example. We will say that, perhaps, you grew up in the 1980’s. It was a more peaceful time and you learned a lot about the baser necessities of a good life, such as strong moral character and good clean fun. Unfortunately, this is not the condition of the world today, so how could you put your child in that 80’s environment?

Simply put, if the environment isn’t still there, you can create the environment. From early on, even as a baby, design the child's room as your mother would have done yours. Surround him or her in 80’s memorabilia. Not only would it be healthy for the child, but fun for you, as if you were stepping back in time to your youth.

One good start is that of the pop culture baby clothes. Even beyond the personality factor, how cute would your little one be in an adorable little batman shirt or wearing a Wizard of Oz hat? This decade seems to have found a newfound love for those older, better times. You see evidence of the pop culture rise in fashion everywhere, but rarely in children. Start your child out right. Start his or her personality in pop culture and watch everyone else follow.