Republican baby clothes

It may be difficult to choose sides, as there are so many different people in this world. However, once you have made your decision to be either a Republican, Democrat, or Liberal; most people tend to stick to their guns. For this reason, you may find many children toddling about in clothing that supports their parent’s political beliefs. While most mass market retail chains won’t cater to a more out-spoken parent, and their needs for political infant One pieces and t-shirts; there are many online retailers that are now offering a wide variety to choose from. However, if you are of Republican stand some of the best ones that I have found to date are:

Republicans are sexy.
* Future Republican.
* Little Republican.
* My mommy is a Republican.
* My daddy is a Republican.
* Teeny Republican.
* Daddy’s little Republican.
* Danger, hard core conservative.
* Weepublican.
* Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
* I’m going to be pwesident one day.
* Republican, because everybody cant be on welfare.
* The only difference between Obama and Osama is BS
* Beware false prophets promising change.
* NO Bama
* At least the war on the middle class is going well.
* $4.00 gasoline, mission accomplished.
* My parents are raising me right.
* Here come the democrats, hide your wallet and your guns.
* The mess in my pants is nothing, compared to the mess the Democrats will create.
* 10 out of 10 terrorists vote democrat.
* Annoy a liberal, thank a soldier.

Of course you aren’t limited by this small assortment of catch phrases, as there are hundreds more out there. While your child isn’t likely to form an opinion on their political party just yet, it is still important to allow your child to give their input on the clothing they will be wearing. As stated so many times before, a child who has invested in choosing their clothing; will be more likely to enjoy it much longer, than a child who has not. Make your political shopping experience not only a fun one, but a time for bonding as well. Embrace this time with your child, and enjoy it while you can; as we all know they tend to grow up too quickly for comfort.

If you still are unable to find a shirt that suits your fancy, a few online retailers are now offering you to customize your child’s political clothing. While this can be a fantastic means of obtaining a unique and one of a kind t-shirt or one piece, it is important to steer clear of placing your child’s name on his or her clothing. This of course isn’t for aesthetics but more for the safety of your child.