Rockstar in training: Visions of a rocker baby

Baby & toddler band merchandise

The lights are flashing, the amp is blaring your little star steps onto the stage. There are cheers of delight, as the thrum of the guitar is heard, yes.. That’s right, your baby is in a rock band. Now, its time to think of dressing them in the fashion forward threads that will keep them coming back for more. From the old rocker sounds of ACDC , Metallica, and Queen, all the way to the more common rock gods of today like Manson, Seether, Lacuna Coil, and Rob Zombie.

 Dressing like a rock star might seem as if a simple task, however it takes some effort to look that grungy. From a fashion forward pomp hairstyle, mow hawks, chains, studded belts, and tattered pants. This style can be easily achieved by any parent wishing to keep their rocker, up to date with the fashion of rock. Although knowledge isn’t mandatory , it is however getting a general grasp of the fashion of rock is definitely a bonus.

To accretive the desired rock baby look is quite simple, however finding the threads is the more daunting task. Whether it be from expensive retailers, or a more budget friendly online shop you may find yourself wading with questions about putting this look together. Try things such as purchasing yours, or your child’s favorite rock-bad logo tee’s or One pieces, and pairing them with a sleek pair of black, or dark wash jeans. If this isn’t your bag, then I might suggest purchasing snappy One pieces or tee’s with rock-and-roll lyrics printed on them.

Accessorizing this look is of utmost importance, whether it be by the hairstyle (depending on your child’s head of hair, or lack there of), a base-ball cap paying tribute to a band, a short (and child approved) chain, and of course durable shoes.

If you are wanting to create a look simply for a photo shoot, or family pictures. I would suggest coordinating everyone’s outfits in a like manner. Purchasing things such as “baby’s first guitar”, and other instruments which are meant for little hands, will help aid you in achieving the overall look of the photos.

Keep in mind that you aren’t limited solely in the rock genre, there are many other facets of the music industry inspired fashion to pull from. Such as, Punk, Ska, Goth, and Industrial style music. All of these fashions hold key to one point, of being that of an alternative and face-forward type lifestyle.