Top 10 Skate Clothes & Shoes for Toddlers and Babies

While your tiny skater-in-training may still be lacking the motor skills required to walk, let alone ride an actual skate board. That doesn't mean you can't get a head start on skater inspired apparel at an early age! 

Here are our top 10 favorite skate clothing items for baby and toddlers.

1. This Is How I Roll Green One Piece

Cool "This is how I roll" skateboard lime one piece for your aspiring skater baby!

Find it here

2. Skull & Crossbones Black One Piece

This cool black skull & crossbones one piece is an awesome addition to your little punk's wardrobe!

Available here

3. 3 Skulls Black T-shirt

This classic skull and stars t-shirt never goes out of fashion for punk and skater kids. 

Snag yours here

4. Skate Skull Black One Piece

This cool black one piece features all the coolest skate themes: skateboards, skulls, and stars! This is a perfect one piece for your little skater.

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5. Nautical Stars & Skulls Gray One Piece

Cool alternative style gray one piece with nautical stars and skull design. Perfect for a pint-sized punk or skater baby.

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6. Checker Slip On Shoes

These cool black & white checker print baby shoes are just about the coolest shoes available for babies and toddlers! Awesome for both boys or girls, these cool kicks make a great baby shower gift for the skater babies in your life!

Available here

7. Black Signature Zip Up Hoodie

You can never have too many black hoodies. This one is especially awesome because it features a removable hood to instantly switch from hoodie to jacket. It also features cool thumb holes in the sleeves. Hoodie is made of high quality warm fleece which is perfect for cooler evening skate sessions. Also available in red, gray, turquoise, kelly green, hot pink, and white!

More detals here

8. Rebel Red One Piece

Cool red one piece shows off the rebellious attitude of your little skater in training.

More info here

9. Not All Girls Wear Pink T-Shirt

When did we all decide that girls have to wear pink? Let's shatter these gender stereotypes with this shirt that says it all: Not all girls wear pink! Also available in one piece and dress.

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10. Skate Star Kelly Green One Piece

Cool green skate board one piece for the little skate star in your life.

Sold here

There are our top 10 baby skater clothing items. Deck your little skater out in these awesome threads and they will be ready to hit the skate park in no time!

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Teaching your child to skate

Are you an adult who has a passion for professional skateboarding? For so long, this has been largely considered a youth sport only. Those times are past now that the original skateboarders, the baby boomers, have grown up. Skateboarding is the sort of thing that one has to invest years into to become really good at it. After such an investment of time, it’s not something that you can just put behind you. Thus, today we have a world full of skateboarders over the age of twenty-one.

If there is one thing that a long-term skateboarder learns, it is that learning the art of being a good boarder requires practice, skill, patience and determination. As current parents, the old skateboarders have begun to realize that these are all positive traits that could only help their children as they grown. With that said, many skater parents are teaching their children how to skateboard.

The only difficult part of teaching a child to skateboard is in that first few months. The tricky aspect is actually getting the child to be interested in skateboarding. If your first attempt at getting your child interested is putting him on a board, then you will likely fail as the first time he or she falls off and gets a scrape, they will lose all interest. Children think on a basic level. Basic instinct tells them that if it hurts, don’t do it. So how can you bypass this initial fear?

You have to get them interested in skateboarding early on in life, before they ever actually set foot on a board. Take them to competitions. Hang posters of skateboarding celebrities on their walls. Buy them skateboarding video games. Another very effective option is skate clothes for toddlers and kids. If you surround someone with something in the early stages of life, the interest forms with the personality. Therefore, if a child grows up wearing skateboarding clothing, then that child will likely develop an interest at a very early age.

Another positive aspect of skateboarding clothes is that, for some reason, other children always think that skateboarding is the coolest sport around. If your child shows up on that first day of school with a skateboarding shirt on, he or she will instantly be considered a cool kid to hang around with, thus having instant popularity.