Urban baby clothes

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Urban styles are all the rage these days. And if you are an urban mom or dad, you probably want to make sure your baby is always dressed in the latest urban fashions too. Luckily, urban babyclothes are widely available! No more run-of-the-mill or boring baby attire, you and your little one can hit the city streets, subway, dog park, or shopping district in clothing that is appropriate, functional, and individualistic.

One really fun option in baby clothes is hoodies, jackets and urban tops. This selection in urban baby clothes creates very functional styles, and will keep your baby warm as you trek around doing city errands. But they are also very stylish! For a truly urban look, layer long sleeves under short sleeves, or hoodies with thermals. The best part is about this look is its versatility. You can put this style on a boy or girl and pair it with almost any other clothing items in your child's wardrobe!

One of the most popular urban looks is cargo wear. Items such as cargo pants and shorts and cargo dresses and skirts are always trendy for city style. This look also easily translates to urban baby clothes. You use cargo pockets to tote your cell phone, iPod, and just about everything else. Imagine tiny cargo pockets throughout your little one’s wardrobe too! This look is great for babies of all ages. You can put these items on your newborn or toddler and take it through the school years as well!

The right urban baby clothes also include great accessories. Layering items such as tights, knee socks, and tank tops can take your baby through the seasons. Urban hats, gloves, and other cold weather wear are a must for mom’s and dad’s who spend a lot of time outdoors. And don’t forget cool urban shoes! Sneakers, flats, and boots will complete your little one’s perfectly urban wardrobe!